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A home that is inSTEAD of homelessness, takes stress off the municipality infrastructure by implementing RESTs (renewable energy systems technologies), atmospheric water generators, and eco-sanitary/thermophilic compost dry toilet systems to support hyper-intense urban farms, and urban agriculture. This provides a STEADfast alternative to the streets, giving people someplace STEADy in the middle of disaster, or Everyday Brilliance for Disaster Resilience. PREPARE. RESPOND. ADAPT. ​​

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Also visit this page | Community Dry Toilet and Urine Diversion System Using IAPMO WE•Stand © 2018 [Last update: 27 Dec 2019]

Obtainable Housing supported by Urban Agriculture - Where the politically impossible, becomes politically inevitable. A model for a self-determined community that provides 150 obtainable housing units for a West End community in Atlanta, GA, USA. [June 2020]

RFQ | Single Occupancy Tiny Dwelling Equipped with Renewable Energy Systems Technologies and Eco-Sanitary Dry Compost Toilet System - Submitted to Rob Bonta, CA State Assemblymember (now CA Attorney General) and CA State Senator Nancy Skinner. [27 Dec 2019]

REST in Urban Agriculture & S.E.E.C. Home - Submitted to District Three City of Oakland, CA, USA Councilperson Staff. [5 May 2015]

Community Compost Toilet System (IAPMO WE·Stand Model) - The successful pathogen reduction outcomes of this ecosanitation system were published in the International Water Association (IWA) Blue-Green Systems Journal on 18 July 2019. This system was permitted in the City of Portland, OR, USA on 30 September 2019.

Vermicomposting | Worms in Sanitation - Vermicomposting toilets, an alternative to latrine style microbial composting toilets, prove far superior in mass reduction, pathogen destruction, compost quality, and operational cost. [1 April 2019]

Single User Tiny Dwelling Sanitary Compost System Feasiblity Proposal - Prepared for District 2 Councilwoman Cheryl Davila City of Berkeley, CA, USA. [5 Nov 2018]

These offerings were contributions to the (R.I.P.) vision - Mock up of web site here. [2017]


Eco-san/Thermophilic compost dry toilet system

PV (photovoltaic/solar) array

Solar hot water for showering and washing dishes

Greywater reclamation system

Sis Çit atmospheric water generator ​

The Offerings

The Abide

The Abide

by Moksha Woodwork Designs

The Abide is the first in the Window Seat Line of tiny homes by Moksha Woodwork Designs.

The Abide is 50 sq. ft, has fully, super-insulated walls and roof, double pain windows, a birch plywood interior, a Maranti marine grade ply exterior, and redwood bent lamination frame arch canopies are easily disassembled for road travel. The Abide is comfortable for one person. ​


Two burner Atwood Propane gas stove top

Bench seat (folds out into a full size bed)

Storage underneath bench

Double paned, sliding windows

Sink with gravity fed faucet

4 LED light sconces

5' x 8' Ironton Utility Trailer

Gross Vehicle Weight: 1,700 lbs

Travels well @ 55 mph attached to a small pickup truck ​

COST: $13K

Check out Moksha on YOUTUBE.

MiniMotives Tiny House Company

Other Designs We Like | MiniMotives

by Macy Miller

The Minimotives Tiny House designed by architectural designer, Macy Miller.

According to Macy, "My goal was to create a light, open, and effective home. It has functioned as a testing ground for lots of ‘green technologies’ like a (waterless, dry) composting toilet and radiant heat floor."

This beautiful 196 sq ft (interior dimensions) tiny house has been featured in TIME & Dwell Magazines, and countless online news agencies and websites

Downloadable plans are available on at the Tiny House Plans web site.


8.5' x 24' (204 sq ft exterior dimension)

Heating - Gas fireplace & radiant floors

On-demand hot water

Solar PV ready

4-burner stove top & oven

Washer & dryer

Rigid foam insulation

Gooseneck Trailer

Est. Weight - 10,000 -12,000 lbs

COST: ~$11,400 (DIY); $48,000 (Turn-key)

IMAGE: MiniMotives

The Incubate

The Incubate

by Moksha Woodwork Designs

The Incubate is the second in the Window Seat Line of tiny homes by Moksha Woodwork Designs.

The Incubate is 78 sq. ft. with large sold maple kitchen counter and maple sliding cabinet doors, and Doug Fir plywood interior paneling. The exterior is a mix of salvaged and new redwood and cedar siding, 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal covers the arch roof and sides, redwood steps, redwood bent lamination canopy frame (can be disassembled for road travel), and 18oz PVC canvas canopy. The Incubate is comfortable for one or two people. ​


Two burner Atwood Propane gas stove top

Sofa folds out into a full size bed

Two large trunk storage cabinets behind sofa

Sink with gravity fed faucet

Four LED light sconces

Two Doug Fir French Doors 3' x 4'

PVC sliding double pane window ​

12' Carson utility trailer

Travels well @ 55 mph attached to a small pickup truck ​

COST: $17K


Check out Moksha on YOUTUBE.

Other Designs We Like | METRO

by Patrick Sughrue

The METRO tiny house is the brainchild of Artisan Tiny House and is a nod to the mid-century curved travel trailers, with aluminum siding and exposed fasteners.

Downloadable plans are available on at the Tiny House Plans web site.


20’ x 8’4″ (169 sf + 45 sf in loft )


Dry Composting Toilet

Solar Ready

Magic Chef® refrigerator with freezer

1,000-watt Cadet® heater

4-1/2” Structural Insulated Panels (R16)

HydroGap® rainscreen house wrap

Car Hauler Trailer

Est. Weight - >10,000 lbs

COST: $37,000


byron tiny house

Other Designs We Like | Byron

by Nadia Marshall

The Byron tiny house is a stunning, modern, extra-wide Australian design, position with minimal moving.

Downloadable plans are available on at the Tiny House Plans web site.


24’7″ x 9’10” x 14’7″ (343 sf Including Loft & Window Box)


Dry Composting Toilet

Washer and dryer

Designed for tall people

Deck Over Trailer

Est. Weight - ~9,000 lbs

COST: ???

IMAGE: Byron

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Other Designs We Like | Mica

by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

This tiny house on wheels is contemporary, simple, and elegant in design with hot-rolled weathered steel siding exterior that screams urban environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This model is obsolete, but floor plans are available via Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.


8.5' x 20' (172 sq ft) or 8.5' x 24' (204 sq ft)

Propane gas stove top or Induction stove top

Built-in storage and cabinets

Sliding glass door


IMAGE: Mica Tumbleweed House


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