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Out Think The Box is a group of collaborators with backgrounds in engineering and the sciences. We offer sustainable development, engineering, and technical advisory services that include renewable energy systems technologies (RESTs), energy efficiency, sustainable development, conservation and regenerative agriculture. We pride ourselves in identifying and delivering robust, redundant, and resilient solutions that others do not fully realize in the energy, food, and natural resources sectors.

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Since its inception (circa 2013), Out Think The Box aims to apply biomimicry when developing Everyday Brilliance for Disaster Resilience solutions in our designs.


Our Contributors

Spherical Cow

Kimberly (Kim) King

Director of Engineering

Kimberly (Kim) obtained her BSc in Mathematics, and Engineering Mathematics, minoring in Biology. Kim is equipped with an engineering post-graduate degree in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) located at Loughborough University in the Midlands of the UK. Kim brings her direct experience and knowledge as an engineer and scientist into the urban environment.

Kim's comfort zone is taking bold, decisive and definitive action to out think the box and identify opportunities for developing and implementing everyday brilliance for disaster resilience. This includes offering unconventional, day-to-day place-based, pragmatic, sustainable, agile urban adaptation strategies for urban agriculture. PREPARE. RESPOND. ADAPT

Specialties: systems engineering; technical writing; user #innovation; #renewableenergy; #wind; #ecosan, #ecosanitation; #fireabatement utilizing caprines; #urbanagriculture, #urbanag; #tinyhouses; solving problems requiring the consideration of a spherical cow #generalist

Silvercrest Energy & Automation

Laurence Steijger

Lead Engineer

Laurence received his Eng.D. Renewables from the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University in the Midlands of the UK. As an electrical engineer, his main field of study is in system integration of renewable energy systems.

Pragmatic and passionate, Laurence is adept, agile, and adroit, possessing acumen to quickly understand the bigger picture, and in developing and implementing energy solutions that are efficient, elegant and cost-effective.

Laurence's personal residence located in the Midlands of the UK, epitomizes self-sustaining homesteading. This par exemplar dwelling exceeds energy efficiency standards, and was the first of it's kind in the UK.

Properties, either domestic or commercial, are usually not designed with the energy cost/usage and carbon footprint in mind. Laurence's aim is to reduce your energy consumption/carbon footprint, whilst increasing the comfort level of your properties. As Laurence likes to say, "Warm feet and low bills."

Specialties: energy savings; optimum resource usage; #renewableenergy ​#sustainable


Agostinho Miguel Garcia

Chief of Development & Engineering

Agostinho Miguel holds a MSc in Physics Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal. Agostinho has more than 19 years of technical experience as the principal consultant and co-founder of SunBD (Business Development). SunBD provides wind, solar, geothermal, and hydrokinetic project solutions, and support.

As a seasoned professional, Agostinho has international experience in 5 continents and over 20 countries, with expertise in solar parks development in India and South Africa. Agostinho's work includes solar consulting for investors, banks, funds, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies, governments, multi-lateral development institutions, and solar manufacturers. Agostino picked the name Sun for his consultancy, because all renewable forms of energy come directly or indirectly from the Sun.

Specialities: due diligence; feasibility studies; bankability; engineering (basic, detailed); energy efficiency; #sustainabledevelopment; #renewableenergy

Moksha Abide Mockup

Moksha Osgood

Designer. Builder. Artist

Moksha completed his BA at the New College of California, San Francisco, CA. Moksha is a licensed C-6 Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor, and certified green building professional. He is also an RV certified tiny house manufacturer through the third party certification agency Pacific West Associates.

For over 21 years he has been designing structures. Over the past 9 years, he has experienced living in a tiny home, helping inform all his decisions about what constitutes a livable tiny home. Moksha Woodwork Designs was started as means to apply the woodworker skills developed toward social, economic and aesthetic spheres that are more in line with his values. He began this tiny dwelling business with the intention of developing affordable, sustainable, and beautiful homes.

Moksha is passionate about developing creative ways to provide affordable housing for people, and is passionate about experimenting with ways in which all can create a base line of prosperity within our communities.

Specialities: building beautiful, small, agile, adaptable, affordable dwellings, #tinyhouses; #sustainabledevelopment; cultivating the riches of less


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