Out Think The Box offers a veritable plethora of services, including designing unconventional, day-to-day, place-based, pragmatic, mindful, agile urban adaptation strategies that don't cost the Earth. We are generalists, we break with the conventional mindset, and do our best to apply biomimicry when arriving at a solution. We have found, when one adopts a narrow view, opportunities are missed. The type of application matters not—essentially, we focus on interconnections occuring between energy, food, and health. We will work with anyone to out think the box!

Technical Writing

Are you challenged composing complicated technical copy so any audience can understand? We got this...

Neworking Assistance

Do you have a need to locate like-minded collaborators and clients? We have unconventional ways to connect...

Strategy & Innovation Consult

Developing a strategy and user innovation to solve real problems. Our 'vaults' are full of ideas...

Project Engineering

Strategizing and coordinating teams of relevant experts and engineers to deliver suitable systems technology project designs is our mana.


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